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For norsk versjon: http://frifoto.no/norsk-meny/om-meg/

My name is Lars Åke Andersen. I’m a freelance photographer in Tromso, the capital of Northern Norway.

I have been making my living as a professional image maker since 1999 – mainly as staff photographer for the newspaper Tromsø, but also as a freelancer for other publications. My experience is based in a wide range of assignments; news stories, culture, sports, feature, portraits, big events and small stories.

2010 I left my day job and started my own business as a photographer. I also write stories for newspapers and magazines.


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My CV in brief:

Cand.mag. (Bachelor +1 year) from university, Head of photography for students newspaper. – Started as a full time freelance photographer in newspaper Nordlys 1999. – Became staff photographer for Bladet Tromsø, a newspaper for the city of Tromso, 2002. – Summer job at VG in Oslo, the largest newspaper in Norway, 2005. Quit my day job as photographer in February 2010 and currently; freelancing full time.

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2010 I got a third place in The National Press photography Association competition, in the category «Daily life». 2011 I won the Photo award in The Norwegian Specialized Press Association (Fagpressen) for a photo story from India.

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What else?

I’m the Chairman of the photo festival Polar Fokus, which is a photo festival in the northern Norway. I had a exhibition last year with portraits of elderly ladies. I have a family in Tromsø, and like to travel, do hiking, watch dvd-series like Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, The Wire and so on.


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